Something Good This Way Comes


Rocky Road: Earthscapes: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Summer. It’s almost over. The stores are busy hustling and bustling back to school gear. Before you know it we’ll all be baking apple pies and talking Christmas plans. Summer. It always seems so promising in the start and so fleeting in its finality.

For me summer has been as season of change. A season of travel. And a season of discovery. I traveled over 8,000 miles. I ran and hiked over 200 miles. I got some amazing shots, and I took some really not so good pictures. I had highs and lows, and a killer tan. Summer, this year was its own journey. It’s always good to glance at where we’ve been to get perspective on where we’re going. (My advice:glance, don’t stare. Paralysis by analysis is real.) Glancing back on my own summer of love I pulled a few of my favorite shots from this season.

Barren: Earthscapes: Arches National Park, Utah
Buddy Backpacker: Portraiture: Lost Lake, Colorado
Alpine Solitude: Portraiture: Mount Evans, Colorado
These Boots: Life in Still: Monument Rocks, Kansas
Fisherboy: Portraiture: Outerbanks, North Carolina
Finger Hold: Earthscapes: Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Some of these are old news to you, and some are brand new additions to the gallery. Some of these are complicated shots and others, a simple case of right place, right time. If you had the chance to follow along with the adventure this summer. I just want to say thanks. You didn’t have to, but you did. Whoever you are, wherever you may be, your support means something, and has not gone unnoticed.

Wall Street: Portraiture: Moab, Utah
Wall Street: Portraiture: Moab, Utah

As I step into fall it’s alot like starting a new school year, I’m full of excitement, expectation, and anticipation. Somethings I know will s happen, and others I’m not so sure of. The magic is in the mystery. What I do know?  I know with certainty that something good this way comes…