If I Was A Bee I’d Be Busy


Coffee. Breakfast. Gym. Shower. More Coffee. Work. Luch. Work. Dinner. Dishes. Sleep. Repeat. We’re busy. Our lives are undeniably filled to the brim, with constant comings and goings. How many times have we all breathed out a frustrated sigh and wished for more hours in a day? How many times have we asked someone how they’ve been only to get the lackluster repeated reply, “Busy”. We’re all just so damn busy.

So if we’re all so busy, and tired, and tired of being busy, why do we fuss so much over it?  It seems like more and more we live in a world, where we are judged on the number of things we do rather than the merit of them.  There are a lot of things we can do to “keep busy” that are well worth our time and energy. But what are we doing that’s taking our time that doesn’t make a difference in the world or make us happy? If we all stopped and took a good look the list is probably longer than we’d like to admit. Sometimes doing less really will lead to doing more. The world can be weird like that.


Photography can teach us a lot about what really matters. Take a moment, think about it. The times we pull out our smart phones, toss that mini camera in our bag, or lug around that extra large professional piece of equipment just to commemorate a moment in time. Those are the times that matter. We take pictures to remember. To remember what makes us happy, to remember special moments, to remember achievements, and times that this good life was truly great.  We take pictures of the people, places and things that matter. So take a moment, pull out that old box of photos, or open up the gallery of smart phone, and browse. Check out those photos, and find out what matters. Life is short, be busy, but like the bee, make your busy matter!