Southern Latitudes: Key West

“Mother, mother ocean, I have heard you call…”

I’ve been around the world and back. No matter how far I wander, or all the amazing incredible things I see, no place quite holds the draw to my heart that Key West does. Maybe because its surrounded by water, haunted by spirits of pirates, and clothed in salty air. But it just feels like home.






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Secret Gardens: Bright White

Nature is amazing.

You can stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon and be absolutely mesmerized and blown away by the shear grandeur of it all. Massive, awe inspiring, almost unbelievable. Or, you can stroll through a garden in springtime. quiet, simple, small. The rebirth of new life blooming all around you. Its a miracle almost equal in its mysticism to its splendor. Nature is amazing.

A few more shots from my springtime strolls, through beautiful gardens at the very peak of their perfection…

2littleblooms littlewhites Peartree whiteblooms WhiteCamelia

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Secret Gardens: Pretty In Pink

Spring is in the air! The whole world is awash with color and new life. With so much bursting beauty all around sometimes its hard to know where to look! Spring is a great time for gardens, picnics, and late afternoon strolls.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens, on the picturesque campus of Duke University is the perfect spring spot to enjoy nature in all its vibrant glory. A few images from my walks and wanderings in this springtime paradise.







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Snow Day

I love snow. Especially when its fresh. There is a quiet that falls over the world when it snows. People stay in, the critters hide away, and once it all settles everything is clean and new. Snow has a magic all its own. treeline branchingout bench copy winterwhite winterjay       brighwhite Love these images? Stay in touch, like me on Facebook here.  To purchase these images and more, visit my Etsy shop here.

The Crystal Coast: Old Baldy

Old Baldy. The title of this post might be a teensy bit misleading, if you think I’m referring to some aged long lost relative under certain circumstances you might be right. In this case though, not.


closesignBuilt in 1817, the Bald Head Island Lighthouse affectionately known as “Old Baldy” has been standing guard over the mouth of the Cape Fear River for over 187 years. lightin bw

When you step off the ferry on to Bald Head Island it is hard to imagine the beautifully manicured and maintained resort island could be home to the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina. Originally known as Smith Island ( after a wealthy Charleston merchant), this gorgeous little barrier island as long been a destination for Native Americans, fishermen, explorers and pirates. The most famous among them being the infamous Stede Bonnet.  Now days, Bald Head Island is more vacationer’s paradise than pirate’s playground; but none the less once you know the history of this tiny little island it is easy to see all of it’s uniquely hidden secrets.

stairwaytoheaven_1Old Baldy despite it’s age was not the first light to stand on the island. The original light, completed in 1795 on the island’s South West point. Erosion quickly threatened the site and after only a few short years the light was torn down, and the new and still standing Old Baldy was given life. Constructed from soft red bricks, many of which were salvaged from the original light station. In it’s time as a working light station Old Baldy required constant upkeep from the elements; the 110 ft tower was once completely white. When the light was decommissioned in 1935, it was left to ruin. On occasion the caring good citizen would “patch” the old tower’s stucco and add small bits of white here and there, thus giving “Old Baldy” the patchwork look it now enjoys today. In 1988 the historic light was relit, but does not serve as a navigational aide.

darkdoorwayToday Old Baldy stands watch over the island as a reminder of it’s rich history, and those who have come and gone before. Some say the old light is haunted. Numerous reports of ghost sightings are reported every year. And although during my visit I didn’t encounter anything other worldly, it is easy to imagine lost souls wandering the grounds of this beautiful place.

With so much history, beauty, and vibrance. Bald Head Island, is a place that must be seen to be believed. A short ferry ride from South Port, NC will get you to this “car free” island paradise. Stay a day, stay a week. Either way go. You won’t regret it.

brick2_1For more information about the Bald Head Island Lighthouse visit click here.

Something Good This Way Comes


Rocky Road: Earthscapes: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Summer. It’s almost over. The stores are busy hustling and bustling back to school gear. Before you know it we’ll all be baking apple pies and talking Christmas plans. Summer. It always seems so promising in the start and so fleeting in its finality.

For me summer has been as season of change. A season of travel. And a season of discovery. I traveled over 8,000 miles. I ran and hiked over 200 miles. I got some amazing shots, and I took some really not so good pictures. I had highs and lows, and a killer tan. Summer, this year was its own journey. It’s always good to glance at where we’ve been to get perspective on where we’re going. (My advice:glance, don’t stare. Paralysis by analysis is real.) Glancing back on my own summer of love I pulled a few of my favorite shots from this season.

Barren: Earthscapes: Arches National Park, Utah
Buddy Backpacker: Portraiture: Lost Lake, Colorado
Alpine Solitude: Portraiture: Mount Evans, Colorado
These Boots: Life in Still: Monument Rocks, Kansas
Fisherboy: Portraiture: Outerbanks, North Carolina
Finger Hold: Earthscapes: Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Some of these are old news to you, and some are brand new additions to the gallery. Some of these are complicated shots and others, a simple case of right place, right time. If you had the chance to follow along with the adventure this summer. I just want to say thanks. You didn’t have to, but you did. Whoever you are, wherever you may be, your support means something, and has not gone unnoticed.

Wall Street: Portraiture: Moab, Utah
Wall Street: Portraiture: Moab, Utah

As I step into fall it’s alot like starting a new school year, I’m full of excitement, expectation, and anticipation. Somethings I know will s happen, and others I’m not so sure of. The magic is in the mystery. What I do know?  I know with certainty that something good this way comes…