Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

I’ve had an epiphany… ok so maybe not an epiphany, but I have made up my mind on something! Which is saying something, cause if you know me at all you know, “I can go this way or I can go that way”…

So what was this life changing moment, you ask. Ok. You can stop holding your breath, I’ll tell you. Like almost all good conversations in our modern age this story starts with, “So I read this article on the internet” This is the article I read :

In case you didn’t read the article, yes I mean you. It openly admits what we all already know, social media is a lie. WHATTTTTT? Yep, it is, so deal with it cupcake. Nonetheless, it spoke to me. I get it and seriously, I agree. But then again I don’t   (Hey, stop judging me,didn’t we already establish I’m not decisive).

Let me explain.

Olivia shares a series of her instagram and pictures from her blog posts, and contrasts them to what was really going on at the moment they were taken. We’re cautioned against what we already know; places like Facebook and Instagram are just media platforms touting the best of people’s lives. No ones day is made up of gym time, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes and romping and frolicking through Autumn leaves, followed by a romantic candlelit dinner with Mr or Mrs. Perfect. Seriously people. Let’s break it down:

You go to the gym, you get sweaty, gross. But you HAD to go to the gym to work off the billions of calories in the latte you just spent $12 on at Starbucks. But admit it you needed the caffeine filled latte to combat the symptoms of the tick borne illnesses you contracted romping through those leaves. And the candlelit dinner? No. Couch, movie, pizza, yeah that sounds about right.

So, I agree. Facebook, is not an accurate snapshot of the lives we live. But, think about this, what if all we saw on social media was everything that went on in everyone’s lives. To be honest. I would un-friend every single one of you right this moment ( and you would probably do the same to me) if that was the world we lived in. It’s sad to admit but in life, there is a lot of bad. Turn on the TV, you’ll hear about it. So isn’t it kinda refreshingly wonderful to have one place where people can share triumphs and joy? Yeah, I think so. I guess what I am trying to say is “tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies” or tell me fractions of your truth as it would be.

So let’s bring this full circle. What the H. E. double hockey sticks does any of the multi-paragraph rant have to do with photography? Um. Yeah, everything. Monumentous, simple, devastating, and beautiful; photographs come in all forms.  Its through photos that we have mourned, laughed, cried, and come together. Take a look at some of these iconic shots, and you’ll see what I mean:







NGS Picture ID:130937




Cameras are everywhere, for most of us if you have you phone, you have a camera. A way to capture a moment forever. Social media gives us a way to share that moment with the world. And for most of us a happy moment. Try time lining your week, month, or year with your social media page. You might be surprised at what you see. You might just find a snapshot of joy. The next time you’re feeling down, think about that joy. Because in contrast to the original thought, social media isn’t a lie. It’s a portrait of your moments, what makes you happiest, what you want to share with the world. So snap, snap and snap some more. Snap and share the joy, the love, the happiness. Be boldy happy. Let us all see!